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this surprised me

So it's no secret that I'm a huge lover of NCIS. I think it's awesome, in most senses of the word.

However... I JUST found out that there's a spinoff; NCIS: LA. As usual, I was skeptical... but I shouldn't have been! This show is pretty awesome (okay, just watched the first episode... but still!) I mean it's nothing at all like NCIS the original... but still... fun characters, witty interactions, and strong acting. I just really really enjoyed it.

Watch the first episode for free on <3
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this is who I am so I just wanna be true to myself

Movin' day is coming. Friday is the last night here and then on Saturday, I leave Warren Wilson indefinitely. It's... weird. Strange. Kinda scary, but I guess I'm ready for it. Packing has always been like a life size puzzle game for me. I don't sweat moving, I've done it enough. *shrug*

Two weeks in Knoxville, then on to Bowling Green.

I hope that BoA gets me through this.
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