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For my own info.

Table from:

001."Wasteland" by 10 Years.002."Because the Night" by 10,000 Maniacs.003."Behind Those Eyes" by 3 Doors Down.004."Uninvited" by Alanis Morrissette.005."Rooster" by Alice in Chains.
006."RESPECT" by Aretha Franklin.007."Cry for You" by Ashe.008."Strength of the World" by Avenged Sevenfold.009."There's a Fine, Fine Line" from Avenue Q OST.010."Upside Down" by Barenaked Ladies.
011."18th Floor Balcony" by Blue October.012."Who Says You Can't Go Home" by Bon Jovi & Sugarland.013."Breakdown" by Breaking Benjamin.014."One World" by Celtic Woman.015."The Red" by Chevelle.
016."Rattlesnake Smile" by Christian Kane.017."Wake Up" by Coheed and Cambria.018."Black Sunday" by Cold.019."Guinivere" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young.020."See Me in Shadow" bY Delain.
021."Angels or Devils" by Dishwalla.022."I'm Alive" by Disturbed.023."Not Ready to Make Nice" by Dixie Chicks.024."Unbreakable" by DJ Sammy.025."Learn to Be Still" by Eagles.
026."Listen to the Rain" by Evanesence.027."Cold (But I'm Still Here)" by Evans Bluec.028."Learning How to Smile" by Everclear.029."Kamikaze" by Five Iron Frenzy.030."Rebels of the Sacred Heart" by Flogging Molly.
031."All My Life" by Foo Fighters.032."Over My Head" by the Fray.033."Let Go" by Frou Frou.034."Your Troubles Are Over" by the Gathering.035."I Can't Dance" by Genesis.
036."Spiral" by Godsmack.037."Black Balloon" by Goo Goo Dolls.038."Living in a Lie" by Guano Apes.039."Sanctuary" by Hikaru Utada.040."Running Away" by Hoobastank.
041."Carousel" by Hybrid Theory.042."24" by Jem.043."Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet.044."Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull.045."Cautioners" by Jimmy Eat World.
046."Wander" by Kamelot.047."Crazy Angel" by Kill Hannah.048."Coming Undone" by Korn.049."Within Me" by Lacuna Coil.050."Killing Me Softly" by Lauren Hill.
051."Senses Capture" by Leaves' Eyes.052."My December" by Linkin Park.053."Noon as Dark as Midnight" by Lucero.054."Like a Prayer" by Madonna.055."She Will be Loved" by Maroon 5.
056."You Make Me Wanna..." by Usher.057."Your Stories, My Alibis" by Matchbook Romance.058."Sex Bomb" by Max Raabe.059."Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica.060."If Only Tears Could Bring You Back" by Midnight Sons.
061."No Angel" by Milk Inc.062."Nights in White Satin" by Moody Blues.063."Firewalking" by Moonspell.064."If I Die Tomorrow" by Motley Crue.065."Happy?" by Mudvayne.
066."Old Man" by Neil Young.067."Kinslayer" by Nightwish.068."Story of a Girl" by 9 Days.069."Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails.070."Don't Speak" by No Doubt.
071."Lightning Rod" by the Offspring.072."Seasons of Love" from RENT OST.073."Ms Jackson" by Outkast.074."Portrait" by POD.075."The Only Difference Between..." by Panic at the Disco.
076."Wrapped Around Your Finger" by the Police.077."The Show Must Go On" by Queen.078."Engel" by Rammstein.079."Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones.080."Note to Self: Don't Die" by Ryan Adams.
081."Bleed for Me" by Saliva.082."Ice" by Sarah McLachlan.083."Silent Words" by Scars of Life.084."Smoke" by Seabound.085."Truth" by Seether.
086."Save Me From Myself" by Sirenia.087."Vermillion" by Slipknot.088."Queen of Apology" by the Sounds.089."Smothered" by Spineshark.090."Save Yourself" by Stabbing Westward.
091."Desert Rose" by Sting.092."It's Too Late" by the Streets.093."Chop Suey" by System of a Down.094."Poem" by Taproot.095."30 Minutes" by TATU.
096."Get Out Alive" by Three Days Grace.097."Refugee" by Tom Petty.098."Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman.099."Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon.100."Angels" by Within Temptation
101."Like a Rose on the Grave of Love" by Xandria.102."Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard.103."Walk This Way" by Aerosmith.104."It Doesn't Matter" by Allison Krauss.105."Wake Up" by the Arcade Fire.
106."Displaced" by Azure Ray.107."Right Right Now Now" by Beastie Boys.108."Rocky Raccoon" by the Beatles.109."Kate" by Ben Folds Five.110."I'll Rise" by Ben Harper.
111."Popular Mechanics for Lovers" by Beulah.112."Going Away to College" by Blink 182.113."You're So Great" by Blur.114."Wedding Song" by Bob Dylan.115."Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and Be Loved" by Bright Eyes.
116."Comfort Eagle" by Cake.117."You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.118."Salvation" by Citizen Cope.119."I Fought the Law" by the Clash.120."Where is My Boy?" by Coldplay.
121."I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart.122."Tall Green Grass" by Cory Branan.123."Cheers Darlin'" by Damian Rice.124."Bohemian Like You" by the Dandy Warhols.125."Evil Motherfucker Fake Vegetarian Ex-Girlfriend" by Daniel Cierra.
126."I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness.127."Warmth of Sand" by Dashboard Confessional.128."Two Step" by Dave Matthews Band.129."Dead Man Walking" by David Bowie.130."Tiny Vessels" by Death Cab for Cutie.
131."We Both Go Down Together" by the Decemberists.132."Chad's Favorite Song" by Defiance, Ohio.133."Asshole Song" by Denis Leary.134."Precious" by Depeche Mode.135."My Madonna" by Dexter Freebish.
136."Jolene" by Dolly Parton.137."Hell No, I Ain't Happy" by Drive-By Truckers.138."Father" by Eastmountainsouth.139."Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" by Elton John.140."Bottle Let Me Down" by Emmylou Harris.
141."Layla" by Eric Clapton.142."Open Road Song" by Eve 6.143."Sex is Personal" by the Faint.144."Tropical Iceland" by Fiery Furnaces.145."Criminal" by Fiona Apple.
146."Don't Make Love So Hard" by the Good Life.147."DARE" by the Gorillaz.148."Hey, Good Lookin'" by Hank Williams.149."Nightclubbin'" by Iggy Pop.150."Talk Shows on Mute" by Incubus.
151."Ghost" by Indigo Girls.152."C'mere" by Interpol.153."Virtual Insanity" by Jamioquai.154."So Real" by Jeff Buckley.155."Jack and Diane" by John Couger Mellencamp.
156."Working Class Hero" by John Lennon.157."Love Song for No One" by John Mayer.158."In Spite of Ourselves" by John Prine.159."Jackson" Johnny Cash and June Carter.160."Army Dreamers" by Kate Bush.
161."Four Kicks" by Kings of Leon.162."On Guard" by Le Tigre.163."My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit.164."Lightning Crashes" by Live.165."Let's Pretend You're Bunny Rabbits" by the Magnetic Fields.
166."Teardrop" by Massive Attack.167."I Can't Take My Eyes off You" by Melanie Doane.168."Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.169."Calculation Theme" by Metric.170."Natural Blues" by Moby.
171."Bankrupt on Selling" by Modest Mouse.172."To You I Bestow" by Mundy.173."Starlight" by Muse.174."Bang, Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down" by Nancy Sinatra.175."Effigy" by Natlie Merchant.
176."The Needle Has Landed" by Neko Case.177."Someone More Like You" by Nickel Creek.178."The Nearness of You" by Norah Jones.179."Better Man" by Oasis.180."The Latest Toughs" by Okkervil River.
181."Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show.182."Crush on Everyone" by Onelinedrawing.183."Sleeping with Ghosts" by Placebo.184."Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service.185."Let's Go Crazy" by Prince.
186."Rev 22:20" by Puscifer.187."Imatation of Life" by R.E.M.188."Motion Picture Soundtrack" by Radiohead.189."Scar Tissue" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.190."She Has a Girlfriend Now" by Real Big Fish.
191."On the Radio" by Regina Spektor.192.:Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight that Surrounds You" by Rilo Kiley.193."The One You Love" by Rufus Wainwright.194."I Changed My Name" by Sugarcult.195."Busted in Baylor County" by Shooter Jennings.
196.Author's Choice.197.Author's Choice.198.Author's Choice.199.Author's Choice.200.Author's Choice.
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