the phone will bite me

sometimes I realize I'm an academic dork and I get very very happy

I have a presentation on Aum Shinrikyo this morning. I'm getting nervous(as I always do) but if my presentation on Wounded Knee earlier in the semester did well (and it did) then this one should be fantastic. I recommend reading the wiki article I linked, though. It's a fascinating New Religious Movement in Japan, and they're responsible for over 30 murders, and also the largest and most deadly terrorist attack on Japanese soil in modern history. It's the largest scale attack since the US dropped the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

I'm really fascinated with this topic, and I really wish I could take it beyond this class. Regardless, I'm going to write a kick ass paper about all this.

Obviously I'm looking for any input if anyone on my f-list happens to know something about Aum and would like to share.
the phone will bite me

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I think I'm pretty good at saying nothing. So this was my proposal to get into Research in Creative Writing... and I find that while it says nothing, I am rather fond of it saying nothing.

I hope I get in. x.x

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the phone will bite me

grrr arggggh

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